Myspace RDF Service

1. Introduction

Note: This service is long down, following the disappearance of the original MySpace. This page is retained for historical interest.

This service provides a live RDF representation of Myspace users. If the user is also an artist, then the corresponding tracks in the streaming audio cache are included in the RDF. Note that only the top friends of the target Myspace user are included in the RDF.

This representations is designed using the Music Ontology, FOAF, and a small Myspace Ontology. The scraping is handled by the MyPySpace.

Please note this service may sometimes behave unexpectedly as Myspace makes changes to their page templates. Please contact kurtjx at gmail if you have any questions or notice any problems with this service. This service is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Myspace.com.

2. Using this service

Starting from a Myspace user name:

http://myspace.com/<user name>
Just get the following URI:
http://dbtune.org/myspace/<user name>
Alternatively, you can use the Myspace user id directly:

For example, the following URI identifies a band in MySpace:


If you have a MySpace account, you can add the corresponding information to your FOAF profile by adding the following statement in it:

<my URI> owl:sameAs <http://dbtune.org/myspace/<user name>

3. Code

As usual, all the code running this service is open source and based on Python and SWI-Prolog