AudioScrobbler RDF Service

1. Introduction

Note: This service is down following changes to the upstream API. This page is retained for historical interest.

This service provides a live RDF representation of your last 10 tracks submitted to AudioScrobbler/Last.fm. There are many AudioScrobbler clients for a wide range of media players. It now also provides you with the list of your friends (using their URI on this service, allowing to access their friends and scrobbles).

This representations is designed using the Music Ontology, FOAF and a small AudioScrobble ontology. Moreover, it is interlinked with corresponding dereferencable URIs in the Musicbrainz repository (see this quick explanation of why this is important).

This effort is part of the Linking Open Data on the Semantic Web community project, hosted by the Semantic Web Education and Outreach interest group.

2. Using this service

Just get the following URI:

Where <username> is your Last.fm username.

Try to load this URI in the Tabulator to jump to the Musicbrainz description of the artists, tracks, albums you listened to, to plot your last scrobble on the Simile Timeline, etc.

You can also add this information to your FOAF profile by adding the following line in it:

<my URI> owl:sameAs <http://dbtune.org/last-fm/<username>

3. AudioScrobble ontology

For the purpose of representing AudioScrobble events in RDF, we designed a really small Scrobble ontology, heavily based on the Event ontology. Basically, it just defines a Scrobble event as being a sub-concept of the Event one, and a user property as being a sub-property of the agent one

4. Code

As usual, all the code running this service is open source and based on SWI-Prolog