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rdfs:label Release of Progression Sessions 10: Germany Live 2004 (disc 2: LTJ Bukem instrumental) in United States, 2004-10-00
is mo:release of <http://dbtune.org/musicbrainz/resource/record/54114a20-4293-4b73-8561-ae28106fccfe>
vocab:release_catno BZ 10017-2
mo:release_country <http://dbtune.org/musicbrainz/resource/country/US>
vocab:release_format 1 (xsd:short)
mo:release_label <http://dbtune.org/musicbrainz/resource/label/182d14bb-8433-4e77-8db9-da0b4893e598>
rdf:type mo:Release

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