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rdfs:comment DJ-mix
rdfs:comment Indicates that all (or most of) the tracks of an album were mixed together from all (or most of) the tracks from another album to form a so called DJ-Mix. The tracks might have been altered by pitching (so that the tempo of one track matches the tempo of the following track) and fading (so that one track blends in smoothly with the other). If the tracks have been more substantially altered, the remix relationship type is more appropriate. (<a href="http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/DJMixRelationshipType">Details</a>)
rdfs:comment has DJ-mixed version(s)
rdfs:comment is a DJ-mix of
rdfs:label DJ-mix
vocab:lt_album_album_childorder 0 (xsd:int)
vocab:lt_album_album_mbid d3286b50-a9d9-4cc3-94ad-cd7e2ffc787a
rdfs:subPropertyOf <http://dbtune.org/musicbrainz/resource/property/8>
rdf:type vocab:lt_album_album

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