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rdfs:comment Indicates that albums were mashed up on this album. This means that two pieces of music by different artists are mixed together, over each other, or otherwise combined into a single work (usually by a third artist, the remixer). (<a href="http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/MashUpRelationshipType">Details</a>)
rdfs:comment has mashed-up version(s)
rdfs:comment is a mash-up of
rdfs:comment mashes up
rdfs:label mashes up
vocab:lt_album_album_childorder 1 (xsd:int)
vocab:lt_album_album_mbid 03786c2a-cd9d-4148-b3ea-35ea61de1283
rdfs:subPropertyOf <http://dbtune.org/musicbrainz/resource/property/4>
rdf:type vocab:lt_album_album

The server is configured to display only a limited number of values (limit per property bridge: 50).