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rdfs:comment Indicates that an album is a remaster of another album. This means that the audio data was changed in this process but the same original recording material was used. Please take care to always point to the *first* version ever released! (<a href="http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/RemasterRelationshipType">Details</a>)
rdfs:comment has remastered version(s)
rdfs:comment is a remaster of
rdfs:comment remaster
rdfs:label remaster
vocab:lt_album_album_childorder 1 (xsd:int)
vocab:lt_album_album_mbid 48e327b5-2d04-4518-93f1-fed5f0f0fa3c
rdfs:subPropertyOf <http://dbtune.org/musicbrainz/resource/property/1>
rdf:type vocab:lt_album_album

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