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rdfs:label lt_album_artist #12
vocab:lt_album_artist_attribute additional=0-1
vocab:lt_album_artist_childorder 1 (xsd:int)
vocab:lt_album_artist_description Indicates that the album contains samples from material that was originally performed by another artist. Use this only if you really cannot figure out the particular track that has been sampled. (<a href="http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/SamplesArtistRelationshipType">Details</a>)
vocab:lt_album_artist_id 12 (xsd:int)
vocab:lt_album_artist_linkphrase contains {additional} samples by
vocab:lt_album_artist_mbid 7ddb04ae-6c8a-41bd-95c2-392994d663db
vocab:lt_album_artist_modpending 0 (xsd:int)
vocab:lt_album_artist_name samples from artist
vocab:lt_album_artist_parent 10 (xsd:int)
vocab:lt_album_artist_priority 0 (xsd:int)
vocab:lt_album_artist_rlinkphrase produced material that was {additional:additionally} sampled in
vocab:lt_album_artist_shortlinkphrase samples from artist
rdf:type vocab:lt_album_artist

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