Classical Music Navigator

Structured data about classical composers and their network of influence

Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary, University of London

0. Disclaimer

This is a non-commercial site. The information contained in this site has been collected from several sources and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. No copyright has been intentionally violated. If you feel a copyright has been violated please contact me immediately and the material will be removed

1. Introduction

This is a data set of classical composers and their network of influence as originally described by Charles H. Smith et al. in the original Classical Music Navigator site [1]. A small ad-hoc Classical Music Navigator ontology [2] is used to describe influence concepts and the Music Ontology [3] is used to describe composers.

2. Data

This modest data set contains around 10k triples.

In this data set you find statements like the following:

     @prefix : <> .
     @prefix cmno: <> .
     @prefix foaf: <> .
     @prefix mo: <> .
     @prefix owl: <> .
     @prefix rdf: <> .
    :CAGE     a mo:Composer;
         cmno:hasInfluenced :BOUL2,
         cmno:influencedBy :BOUL2,
         mo:musicbrainz <>;
         = <>;
         foaf:birthday "1912-92";
         foaf:name "John Cage" .
Note we have provided links to Musicbrainz identifiers and DBpedia where possible.

3. Using this resource

This service exposes a SPARQL end-point, available at There is also a small web interface available at

Example SPARQL query. (This link loads a query into the query editor, but you will still need to press the query button on the right of the editor to run the query.)

The service also exposes a directory index:

4. RDF dump

The RDF dump is available for download. This link is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

A. References

Original Classical Music Navigator
Classical Music Navigator is the original website constructed by Charles H. Smith to map the network of influence between classical music composers and is the basis of the Classical Music Navigator Ontology and data set.
Classical Music Navigator Ontology
CMNO is an ontology for describing the influence network between classical composers...
Music Ontology
Music Ontology is an attempt to provide a vocabulary for linking a wide range music-related information, and to provide a democratic mechanism for doing so. Anybody can publish Music Ontology data and link it with existing data, in order to help create a music-related web of data.