0. Disclaimer

This is a non-commercial site. The information contained in this site has been collected from several sources and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

1. Introduction

This set of resources describes concepts and individuals related to the canon of Western Classical Music. The data has been aggregated and to some extent hand curated by Chris Cannam at Queen Mary University of London. This collection of knowledge includes information about composers, compositions, performers, relationships of influence, and other data. The intention is to provide a Linked Data resource that provides many references to existing information sources.

Currently the composer data is expected to be reasonably reliable, but the other data in this dataset is likely to be highly provisional, unreliable, and subject to change.

This resource provides inter-linking via owl:sameAs to appropriate resources in DBpedia, DBTune/musicbrainz, and BBC/music.

2. Using this resource

This service exposes a SPARQL end-point, available at http://dbtune.org/classical/sparql/. There is also a small web interface available at http://dbtune.org/classical/store/.

Here are some entry points to the dataset:


Example SPARQL queries. (These links load a query into the query editor, but you will still need to press the query button on the right of the editor to run the query.)

The service also exposes some directory indexes:

3. RDF dump

The RDF dump is available for download. This link is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

4. Code

As of this time, the code used to build this resource is unreleased. It will likely be made available under some open source license in the future.